This Week in Fintech (7/9)

This Week in Fintech (7/9)

Hello Fintech Friends,

If you missed it, we released our second podcast episode of Hey Fintech Friends this week, speaking with Pierre Whatley of FS Vector.

Listen to Helen’s interview here and let us know who else we should be talking to by reaching out to!

(And for those keeping track at home, Mohammad also released another week of our new Policy issue, this time diving into Europe’s new crypto regulation.)

Please find another week of fintech financing events below.

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💸 Venture Financing

Venture investment in embedded finance doubled in 2021 across the EU and US.

  1. Unizen, a centralized / decentralized currency smart exchange, raised $200 million.
  2. Knox Financial, a real estate lending provider, raised $50 million in new funding.
  3. YAP, an Emirati neobank, raised $41 million to expand from the UAE into Saudi Arabia.
  4. Oxbury, a UK-based bank for agriculture providers, raised an additional £20 million in funding.
  5. 4Trans, a specialist in supply chain factoring, raised €18 million.
  6. BKN301, a payments and banking-as-a-service app based in San Marino (inside of Italy), raised a €15 million Series A.
  7. Finalis, a broker-dealer platform for investors, raised $10.7 million in seed funding.
  8. Tesorio, an automated payment collection and accounts receivable platform, raised a $17 million Series B.
  9. OpenFin, an enterprise bank operating platform, raised around $10 million from ING.
  10. MarketWolf, a Singaporean stock trading platform for new investors, raised a $10 million Series A.
  11. Raylo, a UK-based subscription payment (leasing?) platform for electronics, raised £6.5 million.
  12. OppZo, a mission-driven lender to underserved small businesses, raised $5 million in equity and $255 million in lending debt.
  13. Xelix, a UK-based accounts payable solutions provider, raised a $5 million Series A.
  14. TakeProfit, a community-based retail investing platform, raised a $3 million seed.
  15. pfs, a financial software risk lifecycle management provider, raised funding.

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