This Week in Fintech (9/3)

This Week in Fintech (9/3)

Hello Fintech Friends,

🌟A Fintech Formal Announcement, from Cristina🌟

We're here to help highlight, embarrass, and reward people for a year of hard work on 11/11.

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Nominate someone you want to see awarded at this year's Fintech Formal.

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Please find another week of fintech financing events below.

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💸 Venture Financing
  1. EarlySalary, an Indian consumer lending startup, raised a $110 million Series D.
  2. Solid, a banking-as-a-service provider, raised a $63 million Series B.
  3. Alloy, an identity verification API and operating system, raised $52 million at a $1.55 billion valuation.
  4. Lightnet Group, which is building a blockchain-based cross-border payment infrastructure, raised $50 million.
  5. Oxbury, an agricultural challenger bank, raised £25 million in Tier 2 capital funding.
  6. Landa, a financially inclusive real estate investing platform, raised a $25 million Series A.
  7. Pagaleve, a Brazilian firm which offers buy-now-pay-later installments on PIX, raised a $25 million Series A.
  8. Billogram, a Swedish invoicing and payment platform, raised €15 million.
  9. Topi, a German installment financing platform for B2B hardware, raised $15 million in equity and $30 million in lending capital.
  10. VRGL, a provider of analytics and automated data extraction to the wealth management industry, raised a $15 million Series A.
  11. Pezesha, an embedded banking provider for Africa, raised an $11 million pre-Series A.
  12. Stake, a fractional real estate investing app from Dubai, raised an $8 million pre-Series A.
  13. FX HedgePool, a peer to peer matching platform for institutional FX transactions, raised an $8 million Series A.
  14. Willow Servicing, a cloud-based mortgage servicer, raised a $6 million seed round.
  15. Sei, a layer 1 blockchain specifically built for decentralized finance, raised $5 million.
  16. Duplo, a Nigerian B2B payments startup, raised a $4.3 million seed round.
  17. Haru Invest, a Singaporean digital asset management platform, raised $4 million at a $284 million valuation.
  18. Justhome, a German startup building a home financing platform, raised €3.3m in pre-seed funding.
  19. IPiD, a Singaporean cross-border payments startup, raised $3.3 million in seed funding.
  20. Grey, a Nigeria-based remittances payment startup, raised a $2 million seed round.
  21. Ryft, a European marketplace payments platform, raised a seed.
  22. Tortoise, an Indian save-now-pay-later startup, raised funding.
  23. WilliamsMarston, an accounting and tax advisory service, raised funding.
  24. RIA Advisory, which provides CFO tools and solutions, raised funding.

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