This Week in Fintech (9/24)

This Week in Fintech (9/24)

Hello Fintech Friends,

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I started this week thinking, hmm, we may actually have a slow venture week. And how wrong I was; 38 new fintech rounds announced and counting. The market is healthy.

Please find another week of fintech financing events below.

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💸 Venture Financing

The largest fintech investments rounds of 2022.

  1. Opto, a private market access solution for investment advisors, raised a $145 million Series A.
  2. AccessFintech, a platform for over 100 banks and exchanges to access and exchange trading data, raised a $60 million Series C.
  3. Sardine, a fraud prevention provider for cryptocurrency startups, raised a $51.5 million Series B.
  4. Yellow Card, a pan-African crypto exchange, raised a $40 million Series B.
  5. Monese, a mobile banking app for immigrants in the UK and Estonia, raised $35 million.
  6. Scratch Financial, a patient financing platform for healthcare payments, raised a $35 million Series C.
  7. Ledgy, a cap table and equity management solution for Europe, raised a $22 million Series B.
  8. Sequence, a UK-based business payments provider, raised a $19 million seed round at a $75 million post-money valuation.
  9. Noble, an embedded no-code builder of credit cards and buy-now-pay-later tools for businesses, raised a $15 million Series A.
  10. Inclined, a startup that lends against whole life insurance policies, raised a $15 million Series A.
  11. Higlobe, an international payment transfer solution, raised $14 million.
  12. StashAway, a Singaporean digital wealth manager, raised a $12.67 million Series D extension.
  13. Loctax, a tax management platform for multinationals, raised a $12 million Series A.
  14. Carats & Cake, a financial services OS for events, raised a $10.6 million Series A.
  15. Fondue CashBack, a Shopify app that allows merchants to offer cashback, raised $10 million in seed funding.
  16. Jacobi, a multi-asset portfolio investment technology, raised a $10 million Series A.
  17. Integral, a real-time finance provider for web3, raised $8.5 million.
  18. Cheq, a mobile payments platform for restaurants and hospitality, raised an $8 million seed fund.
  19. Tres, a financial data lake for web3 companies, raised a $7.6 million seed round.
  20. Nibiru, a crypto derivatives protocol, raised a $7.5 million seed at a $100 million valuation.
  21. CNote, a tool for investing in fixed-income and time deposit products, raised a $7.25 million Series A.
  22. Heru, an automated tax filing provider for Mexico, raised a $6 million seed round.
  23. Sparrow, a financial search engine for student loans, raised a $5.83 million seed round.
  24. Nilos, a crypto treasury platform for businesses, raised $5.2 million.
  25. Habito, a UK digital mortgage broker, raised £5 million in funding.
  26. DolarApp, a crypto-enabled dollar banking app for Mexico, raised $5 million.
  27. Headquarters, a financial operations and reporting software for web3 companies, raised a $5 million pre-seed.
  28. Bitgreen, a blockchain layer-1 network for sustainable and green payments, raised $5 million.
  29. Julaya, an Ivory Coast-based B2B payments provider for Francophone Africa, raised a $5 million Series A.
  30. Brightflow AI, a small business financial forecasting and cash flow management app, raised a $4 million seed round.
  31. Binocs, an India-based crypto tax reporting app, raised $4 million.
  32. Lynk, a closed-loop payments platform to give merchants an alternative to cards, raised a $3 million seed round.
  33. Portabl, an app for consumers to securely store their financial data, raised a $2.5 million seed round.
  34. Neem, a Pakistani embedded finance platform for underserved communities, raised a $2.5 million seed.
  35. Erad, a non-dilutive debt financing platform for businesses in the Middle East, raised a $2.4 million pre-seed.
  36. Ply, a payment tool for HVAC businesses, raised $1.7 million.
  37. Finnovate, a wealthtech provider, raised a $1 million pre-Series A.
  38. FTX, the crypto giant buying other crypto giants, is in talks to raise another $1 billion at its $32 billion valuation.
💰 Venture Funds
  • Italian megabank Intesa Sanpaolo raised €250 million for a new venture fund to invest into fintech businesses.
  • Singapore’s Arbor Ventures raised $193 million for an early-stage fintech venture fund.

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