This Week in Fintech (9/10)

This Week in Fintech (9/10)

Hello Fintech Friends,

📰 We had a lot of news across The Fintech Fund portfolio this week! Griffin launched its new Verify BaaS identity API, Let’sBit’s concept card is now out in the wild, and Stitch announced their Stitch Scale Summit in Cape Town from October 13th-14th.

🌉 It was great seeing everyone in SF last night enjoying the hot weather! Thank you to sponsors M13, SVB, and Modern Treasury.

🥂 (If we missed you last night, it’s not too late to see you at this year’s Fintech Formal on Nov 11th.)

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Fintech in the Asia-Pacific region received $41.8 billion in investment in the first half of 2022 across 607 deals - an annual record.

💸 Venture Financing
  1. Mesh Payments, an Israeli corporate spending and finance automation platform, raised $60 million.
  2. Geopagos, an Argentinian digital payments startup, raised $35 million.
  3. SteelEye, a UK regulatory compliance platform, raised a $21 million Series B.
  4. R2, a Mexican embedded lending startup, raised a $15 million Series A at a $100 million valuation.
  5. NowNow, a Nigerian builder of financial products for agents and businesses, raised a $13 million seed round.
  6. Credix, a decentralized credit marketplace, raised an $11.25 million Series A.
  7. GroMo, an Indian provider of financial products to “Tier II and beyond” cities, raised an $11 million Series A.
  8. Chargezoom, a lending platform for billing and integrated payments, raised a $10 million Series A.
  9. CashFlo, an Indian supply chain finance startup, raised $8.7 million.
  10. Boopos, a lending platform for business acquisitions, raised $8 million in equity and $50 million in debt.
  11. Edda, which is looking to build a Bloomberg-style fund services platform for private markets, raised $5.8 million.
  12. Stack, an app to teach kids how to invest in crypto, raised a $2.7 million pre-seed.
  13. Bits Technology, a Swedish platform for streamlining financial workflows, raised a €1 million pre-seed round.
  14. LevelField, a digital currency and traditional banking provider, is in the process of raising $50 million coming off of its Netshares acquisition.
  15. Yapily, the pan-European UK based open banking aggregator, is in talks to raise funding from JP Morgan.
💵 Debt Financing
  • Danish embedded finance provider MoneyFlow received a €250 million debt commitment from banking-as-a-service provider Aion Bank.

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