This Week in Fintech (7/16)

This Week in Fintech (7/16)

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💸 Venture Financing
  1. Klarna, the buy-now-pay-later giant, raised $800 million at a $6.7 billion valuation, down from its peak of $46 billion.
  2. Pico, a financial infrastructure developer, raised $200 million to accelerate its M&A activity.
  3. Gnosis Safe, a digital wallet protocol, raised $100 million.
  4. Hidden Road, a blockchain credit intermediary, raised $50 million.
  5. Yap, a UAE digital bank, raised $41 million.
  6. Deuna, a one-click checkout builder for Latin America, raised a $30 million Series A.
  7. Kadmos, a migrant worker salary payment platform, raised a €29 million Series A.
  8. UnDosTres, a Latin American payments and mobile top-up platform, raised a $30 million Series B.
  9. MYNE, a German platform for holiday rental investing, raised €23.5 million.
  10. SmartBank, a Japanese prepaid card and finance app, raised a $20 million Series A.
  11. Morpho, a decentralized lending platform, raised $18 million.
  12. Lucinity, a financial crime compliance program for banks, raised a $17 million Series B.
  13. Griffin *, a UK banking-as-a-service provider pursuing a bank license, raised £12.5 million (disclosure: which The Fintech Fund invested in).
  14. N1co, a Salvadorean neobank, raised $12 million at a $64.8 million valuation.
  15. Asset Class, an Irish investment management product, raised an $11.6 million Series A.
  16. Supy, a restaurant payment software provider, raised $8 million in seed funding.
  17. Thalex, a stablecoin-settled crypto options and futures marketplace, raised a €7.5 million Series A.
  18. Adaptive, a construction-focused fintech provider, raised a $6.5 million seed round.
  19. Finli, a business payment management service, raised $6 million in seed funding.
  20. Change, a platform for charities to raise funds in crypto, raised a $5 million seed round.
  21. Pebble, a self-directed investing app, raised a $5 million seed round.
  22. Quiltt, a low-code business-focused infrastructure provider, raised $4 million.
  23. Peakflo, building for Southeast Asia, raised around $3 million.
  24. Quartr, a Swedish investing information app, extended its seed round by $2.6 million.
  25. Zazuu, an Africa-focused cross-border payments platform, raised $2 million.
  26. Fuell, a Spanish corporate card and expense management platform, raised a €1.5 million round.
  27. Uprise, a family office for Gen Z, raised a $1.4 million round.
  28. WiseWorks AI, a bank communications platform, raised $1.2 million.
  29. Fello, an agent-led real-estate financing platform, raised $25 million in debt and equity.
  30. Intain, a finance platform for issuers and investors, raised an undisclosed amount of funding.
💵 Debt Financing
  • Sonovate, a UK embedded finance and payment solution, securitized £165 million in invoices.
💰 Venture Funds
  • Motive Partners raised $2.45 billion for its new fintech fund.

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