This Week in Fintech (6/11)

This Week in Fintech (6/11)

Hello Fintech Friends,

Next week, I’ll be traveling to London for fintech meetings and we’ll be hosting a happy hour on Thursday, in partnership with Codat and Plaid, as well as a Women in Fintech Panel. Come join us!

The narrative says “no more money for fintech” but the numbers say 44 new fundraises for almost $1.5 billion this week.


Please find another week of fintech financing events below.

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💸 Venture Financing
  1. Trade Republic, a German tech-enabled stock brokerage, raised €250 million at a €5 billion valuation.
  2. Backbase, a Dutch builder of banking engagement software, raised €120 million at a €2.6 billion valuation.
  3. Pintu, an Indonesian digital asset brokerage, raised a $113 million Series B.
  4. Codat, a UK API platform to connect small businesses with financial institutions, raised $100 million from investors including JP Morgan and Plaid.
  5. Juni, a Swedish neobank focused on e-commerce businesses, raised a $100 million Series B and $106 million of debt.
  6. Kushki, an Ecuadorian payments infrastructure builder, raised a $100 million Series B extension at a $1.5 billion valuation.
  7. Bud, an open banking platform that uses machine learning, raised $80 million.
  8. Klar, a Mexican neobank, raised $70 million ($90 million?) in venture funding.
  9. Delphia, a mobile investment platform for retail investors with algorithmic stock-picking, raised a $60 million Series A.
  10. MidDesk, an automated KYB and underwriting platform, raised a $57 million Series B.
  11. LHV UK, a UK-based neobank pursuing its license, raised €35 million.
  12. Euler, a crypto-based money market, raised $32 million by selling governance tokens.
  13. Fruitful, a financial planning app, raised a $33 million Series A.
  14. Ethena, a compliance training platform for financial services, raised $30 million.
  15. Trovata, a builder of automated cash reporting and forecasting, raised $27 million to launch in the UK and Eu.
  16. Entropy, a decentralized crypto custodian for financial institutions, raised $25 million in seed funding.
  17. NymCard, a banking as a service provider and card issuer, raised $22.5 million.
  18. Ledgible, a provider of crypto tax and accounting software, raised a $20 million Series A.
  19. Skolem, a decentralized finance asset management provider, raised a $20 million Series A.
  20. Defacto, a French B2B lending platform, raised €15 million.
  21. Finch, the builder of an API for payroll and HR systems, raised a $15 million Series A.
  22. Summer, a platform for financing second homes, raised $13.4 million in seed funding.
  23. Valkyrie Investments, an investment manager for digital assets, raised $11.15 million in funding from banks including BNY Mellon.
  24. SecureSave, an emergency savings app from Suze Orman, raised $11 million.
  25. Cryptio, a digital asset back-office platform, raised a $10 million Series A.
  26. Decimal, an accounting automation software, raised $9.22 million.
  27. Mash, a payments service built on bitcoin’s lightning network, raised $6 million in seed funding.
  28. Request Finance, a crypto payments startup, raised a $5.5 million seed.
  29. Front, an investment management app, added $5.5 million to its seed round.
  30. Ivella, an app that creates split accounts with one debit card for couples, raised $3.5 million.
  31. Proper, a financial data integrity ledger and reconciliation tool, raised $4.3 million in seed funding.
  32. Datia, an ESG data workflow solution for investing, raised $3.4 million.
  33. PayShepherd, a contractor billing solution for construction, raised $3 million.
  34. Indicina, a Nigerian business-to-customer credit solution, raised $3 million.
  35. Geode Finance, a defi yield-bearing token solution for DAOs, raised $3 million in seed funding.
  36. Lumiant, a wealth manager client advice and engagement platform, raised $3 million.
  37. Fung, a Dutch app for unifying crypto and fiat payment rails, raised a $2.7 million seed.
  38. Klasha, a Nigerian startup focused on cross-border e-commerce payment, raised $2.1 million.
  39. FinTech Wales, a fintech non-profit member association, raised £1.6 million.
  40. Finclusion Group, a pan-African neobank, raised $20 million in combined debt and equity.
  41. Digiseq, a tokenized wearable payments receiver, raised strategic funding.
  42. Zumo, a crypto decarbonization service, raised UK government funding.
  43. BlockFi, a crypto lending and savings provider, is raising funding at a $1 billion valuation, down from $3 billion.
  44. Zipmex, a Southeast Asian crypto exchange, will raise funding from Coinbase at a $400 million valuation.

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