This Week in Fintech (3/5)

This Week in Fintech (3/5)

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You might notice the format looks a little different - because the Saturday edition of the newsletter has been overflowing and breaking inboxes, we’ll start breaking news out into 3 emails each week:

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Please find another week of fintech financing events below.

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💸 Venture Financing

  • Payhawk, a UK expense management and payments platform, raised a $100 million Series B at a $1 billion valuation.
  • FPL Technologies, the Indian builder of OneCard, is set to raise $100 million at a $1.5 billion valuation.
  • Zeller, an Australian neobank, raised an A$100 million Series B.
  • M-Kopa, a west and east African lending platform, raised a $75 million growth equity round and announced 2 milloin customers.
  • Perfios, an Indian B2B lending and credit decisioning provider, raised a $70 million Series C.
  • Pontera, a financial advisor platform for retirement accounts (formerly FeeX), raised $45 million.
  • Atomic, an API provider for employee payroll data, raised a $40 million Series B.
  • Shares, a UK social investing app, raised a $40 million Series A.
  • Propelld, an Indian financial education platform, raised $35 million.
  • Volopay, a Singaporean business banking app, raised a $29 million Series A.
  • Thetanuts Finance, a defi yield-generating platform, raised $18 million in seed funding.
  • Sweater Ventures, a platform for democratizing access to venture capital investing, raised $12 million.
  • Piñata, a credit-building membership platform for renters, raised a $13 million Series A.
  • Snapmint, an Indian buy-now-pay-later platform, raised a $9 million Series A.
  • Delio, a private markets platform for institutional investing, raised $8.3 million.
  • Finary, a French aggregator for banking and wealth management accounts, raised an €8 million Series A.
  • OwnIt, a direct-to-consumer purchase checkout builder, raised $8 million.
  • Catalog, an Indian decentralized exchange, raised $7.5 million in seed funding.
  • Nested, a Swiss social trading platform for “financial NFTs,” raised a $7.5 million Series A.
  • Teller, an uncollateralized defi lending protocol, raised $6.85 million.
  • Novus, an impact banking app, raised $5 million and went live.
  • SteadyPay, a UK income volatility management startup, raised a $5 million Series A.
  • Emtech, a central bank digital infrastructure provider for Africa and the Caribbean, raised $4 million.
  • Sudo Africa, a Nigerian card-issuing API, raised a $3.7 million pre-seed.
  • Nosso, a UK app for parents to invest for their kids, raised a $2.8 million seed.
  • Credrails, an aggregator of financial data for lending across Africa, raised $2.5 million.
  • Stax, a platform for letting African mobile users send money using USSD codes, raised a $2.2 million seed extension.
  • Here, a marketplace for investing in fractional vacation rentals, raised a $2 million pre-seed.
  • Quiver Quantitative, an investment research platform, raised $2 million.
  • Detected, a fraud and KYB provider for UK businesses, raised £1.5 million.
  • TRM Labs, a cross-chain threat intelligence service, raised funding from JP Morgan.
  • Skipify, a frictionless checkout provider, raised strategic funding from PayPal, Synchrony, and Amex.
  • Avanti, a payroll software developer, raised $25 million in equity and debt.
  • Bink, a retailer loyalty app, raised strategic funding from Lloyds Bank.
  • Pollinate, a UK merchant acquiring startup, received strategic investment from CIBC, NatWest, National Australia Bank, Mastercard, and Fiserv.

💵 Debt Financing

💰 Venture Funds