This Week in Fintech - 33 New Fundraises (10/15)

This Week in Fintech - 33 New Fundraises (10/15)

Hello Fintech Friends,

We had a big day yesterday, announcing the first episode of our second podcast, Beyond Two Percent! Beyond Two Percent analyzes the critical questions, issues, and dynamics that affect people differently by gender - and the intersection of those dynamics with finance. Our guests join our two fabulous hosts, Julie and Helen, every month. Listen here.

The State of European Fintech report predicts a more difficult fundraising environment for fintech, but despite the downturn, Africa’s fintech venture market looks to be set for another record year and we even saw a global uptick last month.

We had some exciting news for the fund and syndicate portfolio this week as well - Payable* picked up €6 million in funding and Astra* raised a $10 million Series A.

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Please find another week of fintech financing events below.

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💸 Venture Financing
  1. Uniswap Labs, the creator of one of the largest crypto exchanges and facilitator of the defi ecosystem, raised a $165 million Series B.
  2. TripActions, the travel-oriented corporate card provider, raised a $154 million equity round with $150 million in structured financing at a $9.2 billion valuation.
  3. Airwallex, a Hong Kong and Australia-based cross border banking startup, raised a Series E-2 at a flat $5.5 billion valuation.
  4. NorthOne, a small business banking startup, raised a $67 million Series B.
  5. GoHenry, a US and UK neobank for kids 6 and up, raised a $55 million Series B.
  6. Tidal Financial Group, an ETF investment and tech platform, raised $32 million in growth equity funding.
  7. Walden Mutual Bank, a sustainable food-focused digital mutual bank, raised $24 million in special deposit shares to prep for launch in the US.
  8. NorthStar, a financial advisor for retail investors, raised $24.4 million in funding.
  9. IronVest, a security infrastructure app for financial institutions, raised a $23 million seed round.
  10. Telda, an Egyptian consumer money app, raised a $20 million seed round.
  11. Chronograph, a private markets tech provider, raised a $20 million “Series X.”
  12. Pillow, a Southeast Asian and African crypto investing platform, raised an $18 million Series A.
  13. Mercantile, an industry-specific credit card provider, raised a $15 million Series A and $7 million in debt.
  14. AyoConnect, an Indonesian financial data API, raised a $13 million Series B extension.
  15. Zerion, a digital wallet for web3 users, raised a $12.3 million Series B.
  16. Ntropy, a transaction enrichment API for financial services providers, raised an $11 million Series A.
  17. Astra * (a syndicate portfolio company), a card-to-card payments and funding service, raised a $10 million Series A with a $30 million debt facility.
  18. Fintor, a real estate investment startup for unaccredited investors, raised a $6.2 million extension round.
  19. Xalts, a Hong Kong-based digital asset management firm, raised a $6 million seed investment from investors including Citigroup.
  20. Net Purpose, a sustainable investing platform as an ESG alternative, raised an $11 million Series A.
  21. Tugende, a Ugandan small business credit card provider, raised a $10 million pre-Series B.
  22. OatFi, a buy-now-pay-later provider for business to business transactions, raised $8 million in equity and $50 million in debt.
  23. Payable *, a UK builder of a financial reconciliation ledger, raised €6 million.
  24. Solvento *, a Mexican payments and credit startup for truckers and fleets, raised a $5 million seed.
  25. Arch, a defi investing platform for everyday investors, raised $5 million.
  26. Getaway, a vacation property investment app, raised $4.4 million.
  27. Moon Mortgage, a crypto lending platform for real estate purchases, raised a $3.5 million seed round.
  28. Jetstream, a Ghanaian startup thanks finances shipping trade, raised a $3 million seed.
  29. FlapKap, a revenue-based financing provider for MENA e-commerce businesses, raised a $3.6 million seed round.
  30. Axyon AI, an Italian provider of AI insights to asset managers, raised €1.6 million from ING and Unicredit.
  31. Enable Banking, a Finnish financial API provider for customer control, raised €600,000.
  32. Shares, a European community-based investing app, raised money from Serena and Venus Williams.
  33. CrowdStreet, an online real-estate investing platform, raised $43 million in equity and debt capital.
💵 Debt Financing
  • Investor Channel Capital Advisors launched a $300 million fintech lending strategy.
  • Teen banking and credit app Step raised $300 million in debt to expand its crypto offering.
💰 Venture Funds
  • NextView Ventures raised $200 million to invest in fintech companies.
  • Financial Finesse Ventures raised a fund to make fintech socially responsible and close the financial literacy gap.
  • Mastercard made an LP investment in Egyptian fintech fund Nclude, alongside Banque Misr, National Bank of Egypt and Banque Du Caire.

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