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The Front Page of Global Fintech

The the largest fintech community in the world. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date on the latest in news opinions, and all things financial technology.

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This Week in Fintech (11/20)

This Week in Fintech (11/20)

Hello Fintech Friends,

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Please find another week of fintech financings and exits below.

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💼 Open Role Spotlight

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💸 Venture Financing

44 rounds this week… nuts.

  • Farmers Business Network, a farmer-to-farmer payments and commerce platform, raised $300 million at a $3.9 billion valuation from Fidelity.
  • Upgrade, a credit and mobile banking company, raised a $280 million Series F at a $6 billion pre-money valuation.
  • Podium, which provides messaging-based customer payment solutions to small businesses, raised a $201 million Series D.
  • ConsenSys, an ethereum developer, raised $200 million from backers including HSBC.
  • CloudWalk, a Brazilian payments provider, raised a $150 million Series C at a $2.15 billion valuation.
  • Airwallex, the Australian payments platform, added $100 million to its Series E at a $5.5 billion valuation.
  • Settle, a cashflow management company, raised a $60 million Series B.
  • Justt, an Israeli startup that helps merchants mitigate transaction chargebacks, raised a $50 million Series B.
  • Yieldstreet, an alternative investing platform, raised a strategic $50 million investment.
  • 8fig, a provider of supply chain financing, raised a $50 million Series A.
  • Ozow, a South African payments gateway, raised a $48 million Series B.
  • Imprint, a developer of branded payments and rewards products, raised $38 million in Series A funding.
  • Aplazo, a Mexican buy-now-pay-later startup, raised a $27 million Series A.
  • UNest, a parental investment app for kids’ savings, raised a $26 million Series B.
  • Hum Capital, a platform for equity fundraising, closed a $21 million Series A.
  • Velocity, an Indian revenue-based financing platform, raised a $20 million Series A.
  • PayZen, a buy-now-pay-later platform for healthcare, raised a $15 million Series A.
  • Sleek, an incorporation and financial management platform for Singapore and Hong Kong SMBs, raised a $14 million Series A.
  • Party Round, the startup funding platform of the future, raised a $7 million seed round.
  • Bita, a German investing index provider, raised a €6 million Series A.
  • Alex, a fixed-rate defi bitcoin lending platform, raised $5.8 million.
  • Composer, a composable trading and investing strategy app, raised CAD $6.73 million ($5.35 million).
  • NFTfi, a South African marketplace for using NFTs as lending collateral, raised $5 million.
  • Pockid, a German banking app for young people, raised €4 million.
  • Sedric, a machine-learning consumer protection compliance provider, raised $3.5 million.
  • Kippa, a Nigerian small business financial management app, raised a $3.2 million pre-seed.
  • Nomod, a softPOS alternative to payment terminals, raised a $3.4 million seed.
  • Plug, a Brazilian payment acceptance platform, raised $2.7 million.
  • Plentina, a Filipino buy-now-pay-later startup, raised $2.2 million.
  • Okredo, a Latvian open banking platform, raised a €1 million seed.
  • Verity, a UAE family banking app, raised an $800,000 pre-seed.
  • Sibill, a digital cash flow data aggregator, raised a €500,000 pre-seed.
  • Aqua Security, a cloud security provider, received a strategic investment from Capital One.
  • Aboki, a “TransferWise for Africa,” raised a pre-seed.
  • Greenspark, an environmental impact offsetting software, raised funding from BBVA.
  • Beacon Pointe, an investment advisor, raised funding from KKR.
  • Oxygen, a freelancer-focused neobank, is in talks to raise $70 million at a $500 million valuation.
  • Arbo Works, a financial management platform, raised seed funding.
  • Qupital, a Hong Kong cross-border lender, raised a $150 million combined Series B and debt capital.
  • Gemini, the alternative currency exchange, is looking to raise $400 million at a $7 billion valuation.
  • Anchorage, a crypto custody firm for financial institutions, is raising funds at a $3 billion valuation.
  • Cellulant, a Kenyan fintech provider, is in the market to raise $150 million.
  • The European Payments Initiative, an alternative to the dominant credit card networks, is considering seeking outside funding.
  • Freetrade, a commission-free trading app, is starting a crowdfunding campaign.

💵 Debt Financing

  • Kontist, a German freelancer banking app, raised a $4.5 million credit facility.

☯️ Exits

💻 IPOs
  • Wealth management platform InvestCloud is considering a $10 billion UK IPO.
  • Indian payments giant Paytm dropped a massive 27% on the first day of its IPO.
  • Motive Capital II, a fintech-focused SPAC, filed for a $250 million IPO.
🤝 M&A - Fintech
  • BM Technologies, a neobank, will merge with Seattle-based First Sound Bank.
  • Core banking provider nCino acquired mortgage facilitation platform SimpleNexus for $1.2 billion.
  • Non-prime consumer lender CURO agreed to acquire lender Heights Finance for $335 million cash and $25 million of stock.
  • Global exchange CBOE agreed to acquire Canadian stock exchange operator Aequitas Innovations, known as NEO.
  • Oportun, a consumer lending platform, will acquire neobank Digit for $212.9 million.
  • Financial services marketplace MoneyLion acquired content creation platform Malka.
  • Altus Group, a real-estate investing platform, acquired Reonomy, a real-estate data platform, for $201.5 million.
  • Financial security platform Sift acquired password provider Keyless.
  • Wealthfront is exploring options to sell itself at a $1.5 billion valuation.
🏦 M&A - Bank and FinServ
  • US Bank will buy expense management and travel platform TravelBank.
  • The Norwegian Competition Authority blocked the proposed acquisition of Sbanken by DNB (Norway’s largest bank)

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