This Week in Fintech (10/1)

This Week in Fintech (10/1)

Hello Fintech Friends,

Question for everyone here - what's the most novel fintech product or concept that you've seen in the last year?

Please find another week of fintech financing events below.

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UK fintech investment saw a 65% decline in investment, to $9.6 billion.

💸 Venture Financing
  1. Satispay, an Italian provider of a payment network that bypasses banks, raised €320 million at a €1 billion valuation.
  2. Solfacil, a Brazilian photovoltaic systems lender, raised $100 million.
  3. 3Commas, an automated crypto trading platform, raised a $37 million Series B.
  4. Messari, which is building a ‘Bloomberg for crypto,’ raised a $35 million Series B.
  5. Perenna, a UK digital mortgage provider with a banking license, raised a $30 million Series A.
  6. Signzy, an Indian provider of digital banking infrastructure, raised Rs 210 Crore ($26 million).
  7. Shaype, an Australian banking-as-a-service provider, raised an A$33 million Series C.
  8. Toqio, a Spanish white-label digital finance SaaS platform, raised €20 million.
  9. Regate, a French white-label finance automation SaaS platform, raised a $20 million Series A.
  10. Inclined, which lends against whole life insurance policies, raised a $15 million Series A.
  11. Remofirst, a remote hiring and payroll startup for 150 countries, raised $14.1 million.
  12. Numida, a Ugandan small and medium business lender, raised a $12.3 million pre-Series A.
  13. Tactic, an accounting software startup for crypto, raised $11 million.
  14. Workist, a German platform for automated B2B transactions, raised €9 million.
  15. Krypton, a decentralized currency exchange, raised $7 million.
  16. Nova Credit, a cross-border credit history provider, raised $10 million from HSBC.
  17. Bridge Money, a lower-income bracket supplemental income app, raised a $5.8 million seed round.
  18. Quilo, a loan syndication network, raised a $5 million Series A.
  19. Centricity, an Indian B2B2C wealth tech platform, raised a $4 million pre-seed.
  20. VeriFast, a verification-as-a-service platform for financial analysis and decisionmaking, raised a $3.5 million seed round.
  21. Solvo, a mobile crypto investing app, raised $3.5 million in seed funding.
  22. Monnai, an infrastructure provided for consumer identity verification, raised a $3.15 million seed round.
  23. Yonder, a health, benefits, and payroll app for global employees, raised €2.6 million.
  24. Scout, a ‘fun and personalized’ investing platform, raised a $2.6 million seed round.
  25. SecondSTAX, a Ghanaian cross-border multi-asset stock investing platform, raised a $1.6 million pre-seed.
  26. Finteum, a UK trading platform that allows banks to borrow hourly liquidity, raised a £1.3million seed round.
  27. Frost, a UK e-wallet platform, raised £1.1 million.
  28. Fnality, an international bank-led consortium building a blockchain-based payment system, raised funding from Nomura.
  29. SMA Technologies, a provider of automation to financial services companies, raised strategic funding from private equity firm Thoma Bravo.
  30. Deribit, a crypto derivatives exchange, raised funds at a $400 million valuation - down from $2.1 billion in August 2021. But the valuation “is essentially irrelevant,” according to Deribit’s chief commercial officer.
💵 Debt Financing
  • Latin American car buying and financing startup Kavak raised $810 million from HSBC, Santander, and Goldman by selling off its loan assets.
💰 Venture Funds
  • Fasanara Capital raised a $350 million fund focused on the next-generation of fintech and Web3.
  • Byld Ventures raised a $15 million fund focused on early-stage African fintech.
  • Aviva invested $10 million into the Anthemis Female Innovators Lab Fund.

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