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The Front Page of Global Fintech

The the largest fintech community in the world. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date on the latest in news opinions, and all things financial technology.

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Bond trading's Moment has come (TWIF 9/16)

Bond trading's Moment has come (TWIF 9/16)

Hello Fintech Friends,

We had a good week at The Fintech Fund -

Portfolio company Moment announced their Series A, led by a great group of investors including a16z, Venrock, Contrary, Neo, and Henry Kravis. Moment seeks to make bond trading as easy as stock trading.

Speaking of the fund, I can’t say enough good things about managing my fund on Sydecar, our fund administrator, LP communications platform, and accounting partner. They have made my life incredibly easy when it comes to all the back-office of fund setup.

For context, Sydecar is a frictionless deal execution platform for venture capitalists. By pioneering a standardized approach to private investing, they enable capital allocators to identify and back entrepreneurs who are changing the world. Sydecar's platform reliably handles back-office operations, automating banking, compliance, contracts, tax, and reporting so that customers can focus on making deals and building relationships.

  • SPVs: With Sydecar, you can launch an investment vehicle with an integrated bank account in a few hours and deploy capital as soon as your investors have signed and wired. We prioritize trust, consistency, and efficiency to create a frictionless user experience for both deal leads and their LPs.
  • Fund+: Sydecar’s Fund+ combines the stability of a committed capital fund with the flexibility of deal by deal investing. Built on Sydecar’s proprietary infrastructure, the Fund benefits from automated banking, compliance, contracts, tax, and reporting, making it the best option for the next generation of venture investors.

So where in the world can you find TWIF?

We just wrapped up an amazing networking event in Tel Aviv with our friends at Team8:

We'll be in Paris this October 4th with Element VC and Balderton Capital:

Paris Fintech Meetup · Luma
Announcing This Week in Fintech’s first official fintech meetup for the Paris tech community, brought to you by our friends at Element Ventures and Balderton! Come join the founders,…

And of course, you can find us this December once more at the Fintech Formal (ps: almost 50% of tickets are gone)

Please find another week of fintech financing events below. (PS: Have feedback for us? 👍👎 Let us know!)

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📊 Stat of the Week

Non-cash payment transaction volume will reach 1.3 trillion transactions by the end of 2023 and 2.3 trillion by 2027. (Capgemini)

💸 Venture Financing

European fintechs raised only €4.6 billion in the first half of 2023 across 463 deals, down from €15.3 billion and 884 deals in H1 2022. (Source)

But here we are with 26 new fintech funding rounds in a week! It's feeling a little like old times.

  1. Perfios, an Indian real-time credit underwriting solutions provider to banks and non-banking financial institutions, raised a $229 million Series D.
  2. Zopa, the UK peer-to-peer lender turned neobank, hit 1 million customers and raised £75 million.
  3. Swan, a French banking-as-a-service and embedded credit provider, raised a €37 million Series B.
  4. CertifID, a wire fraud prevention startup for the real estate market, raised $20 million.
  5. Treasury4, a builder of modern tools for treasury and finance practitioners, raised a $20 million Series A.
  6. Moment*, a market-making startup for fixed income investments and private credit, raised a $17 million Series A.
  7. Fipto, a French blockchain-based treasury management startup, raised a €15 million seed.
  8. tradeTeq, a securitisation-as-a-service and bank asset distribution provider, raised a $12.5 million Series A+.
  9. Treyd, a Swedish provider of supplier invoice financing, added $12 million to its Series A.
  10. Cleafy, an Italian digital banking fraud prevention provider, raised €10 million.
  11. N5, an Argentinian analytics platform for the banking sector, raised $9.5 million.
  12. Deduce, a platform for tackling AI-generated identity fraud, raised $9 million.
  13. Félix, a cross-border payments platform built for WhatsApp, raised $7.8 million.
  14. Caliza, a Brazilian API for banks and fintechs to offer their end users investment options in dollars, raised R$30 million (around $6 million).
  15. Alix, an asset wealth transfer platform, raised a $5.5 million seed round.
  16. Parallax, a cross-border payments platform for stablecoin, crypto, and conventional payments, raised a $4.5 million seed round.
  17. Range Protocol, a Singaporean DeFi asset management platform, raised $3.75 million in seed funding.
  18. Common Trust, an employee equity buyout platform, raised a $2.6 million seed round.
  19. Syscap, a private credit infrastructure builder in Mexico, raised $2.3 million in seed funding.
  20. Immix, a low-latency crypto trading platform, raised £2.2 million.
  21. NestCoin, a holding company housing multiple DeFi projects, raised $1.9 million after cutting headcount.
  22. Roam, a platform for assuming low-rate mortgages, raised a $1.25 million seed round.
  23. Form3, an account-to-account payment provider and payment fraud platform, raised strategic funding from Visa.
  24. Bizzi, a Vietnamese invoice processing automation startup, raised funding from Japanese fintech MoneyForward.
  25. ClearOne Advantage, a debt relief solutions provider, raised an undisclosed amount of growth capital.
  26. Kroo, a UK neobank, is approaching investors about a £70 million Series C.

💰 Venture Funds
  • Thai megabank Kasikorn Bank set up a new $100 million venture fund to invest in web3 and AI startups.

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