Fintech fundraises are still happening - but they're smaller (10/22)

27 new rounds announced this week, with $200 million to a Colombian neobank.

Fintech fundraises are still happening - but they're smaller (10/22)

Hello Fintech Friends,

According to CB Insights and TechCrunch, we’re seeing a reversion to the mean in fintech funding - where do we go from here? Do people think we’re at a local trough, coming back, or more down to go?

If you missed our Q3 Signals from last week, Sophie Vo does an excellent job summarizing the state of the market: Fintechs raised a total of $5.9 billion in Q3, a nearly $13 billion decrease quarter-over-quarter. In line with the broader tech sector, a number of fintech companies revised down valuations, called off acquisitions, postponed listings, or raised extensions of prior rounds (averting the prospect of a down round). Read more here.

We had some exciting news in The Fintech Fund portfolio this week, with two separate raises from Maplerad and Paytrix announced!

Please find another week of fintech financing events below.

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💸 Venture Financing
  1. Lulo Colombia, the holding company for Colombian neobank Lulo Bank, raised $200 million.
  2. Banyan, a SKU-level rich receipts provider for financial institutions, raised a $43 million Series A.
  3. Vanta, provider of compliance modules like SOC II to financial institutions, raised a $40 million Series B extension.
  4. Landis, a financial education and coaching platform to turn renters into tenants, raised a $40 million Series B.
  5. Shibumi, a portfolio management software for enterprise, raised $30 million.
  6. Mercantile, a corporate card issuer for professional associations, raised $22 million across multiple rounds.
  7. Credit Key, a B2B payments and lending startup, raised $15 million in equity and a $100 million credit facility.
  8. Arro, a consumer credit democratization platform, raised a $10 million seed.
  9. Ordo, a UK open banking provider, raised a £10 million Series A.
  10. Nerve, an embedded banking solution for creators, raised $7 million from TalentPlus, a financial app built for creators.
  11. Kudos, a credit card rewards browser extension, raised a $7 million seed.
  12. Bookkeep, an accounting automation platform, raised a $6.6 million seed+.
  13. Maplerad * (fka Wirepay), an African banking-as-a-service startup and Fintech Fund portfolio company, raised a $6 million seed round.
  14. Adonis, a medical billing platform, raised a $5.6 million seed.
  15. Paytrix*, a payments orchestration platform for e-commerce and vertical software, raised £5 million.
  16. Perch, a Canadian platform that helps users make data-driven mortgage decisions, raised a $4 million Series A.
  17. Bumpa, a Nigerian merchant mobile website development app that also manages bookkeeping, raised $4 million.
  18. Ottr, a Solana-based defi wallet, raised $3.1 million.
  19. Nexta, an Egyptian banking app, raised $3 million.
  20. Bags, a lending marketplace for underrepresented businesses, raised $3 million.
  21. Upkeep, a booking and payments platform for medspa treatments, raised a $2 million seed round.
  22. Super Advisor, a wealth management platform to let financial advisors run their own businesses, raised CAD $2 million.
  23. Uplinq, a global credit assessment and scoring platform for SMBs, raised $1.25 million.
  24. Tilia, a payment platform powering the virtual world of Second Life, raised funding from JP Morgan.
  25. Sightline, a payments tech for gaming, raised a strategic round from JP Morgan.
  26. Progcap, an Indian supply chain finance provider, raised funding.
  27. Commodities AI, a commodity price forecasting software, raised funding.
💵 Debt Financing
  • German buy-now-pay later startup Mondu raised €20 million in debt financing from German bank Vereinigte Volksbank Raiffeisenbank.

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