B2B fintech investment outpaced B2C this year, but crypto outpaced everything (TWIF 12/3)

Also, India's KreditBee raises $80 million and Keyrock raises $72 million

B2B fintech investment outpaced B2C this year, but crypto outpaced everything (TWIF 12/3)

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This Month in Fintech - China (November’22)
Hello Fintech friends, November was a chaotic month for China with the riots over the continued zero-covid policy. People have raised a lot of concerns on the negative economic impact of covid controls. One most recent examples of it is that Alibaba’s annual Singles Day

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Fintech venture pundits (who are they?) predict that investment in B2B fintech will continue to outpace investment in B2C fintech in 2023. Meanwhile, in 2022, crypto has remained the largest investment sector - likely due to the number of new funds raised and earmarked specifically for crypto - outpacing fintech and biotech.

Meanwhile, Tokyo-based Japan Post Bank plans to quintuple its investment specifically into fintech startups, investing $724 million by 2026.

💸 Venture Financing
  1. KreditBee, an Indian online lending company, raised an $80 million Series D round.
  2. Keyrock, a crypto trading market-maker, raised a $72 million round from Ripple.
  3. Greenwood, a US neobank at the forefront of the “bank black” movement, raised $45 million.
  4. XanPool, a Hong Kong-based cross-border payments infrastructure provider, raised $41 million and plans to expand into Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America.
  5. Teampay, a corporate spend management startup, raised a $35 million Series B and $12 million in debt.
  6. Atom Bank, a UK neobank, raised £30 million in new funding.
  7. TreeCard, a UK-based provider of eco-friendly consumer credit cards made of wood, raised a $23 million Series A.
  8. PayZen, a hospital care patient financing solution, raised $20 million in equity financing and $200 million in a credit facility.
  9. Shield, a workplace communications and intelligence service for financial teams, raised a $20 million Series B from backers including UBS.
  10. FrankieOne, an API platform for identity verification and fraud detection, raised an A$23 million ($15.4 million) Series A+.
  11. X1, a neo-points and rewards credit card, raised $15 million at a 50% valuation markup.
  12. Buckzy, a Canadian cross-border payments startup, raised a $14.5 million Series A.
  13. Djamo, an Ivorian provider of financial services for underbanked consumers in French Africa, raised $14 million.
  14. Onomy Protocol, a DeFi application for Cosmos, raised $10 million.
  15. Ejara, a Cameroonian crypto and savings platform, raised an $8 million Series A.
  16. Finery Markets, a marketplace for institutional crypto trading, raised a $5.5 million seed round.
  17. Orda, a cloud-based operating and payments system for African restaurants (think: Toast), raised a $3.4 million seed round.
  18. Atoa Payments, a UK payment solutions provider, raised a $2.2 million pre-seed.
  19. Totem, a neobank for Native Americans, raised $2.2 million in pre-seed funding.
  20. Pivo, a digital bank for Nigerian freight carriers, raised a $2 million seed round.
  21. Revio, a South African platform to enable businesses to accept multiple payment methods, raised a $1.1 million seed round.
  22. Mbanq, a US banking-as-a-service provider, raised funds from core provider Temenos.
  23. InvestorCOM, a compliance solution for the wealth management industry, raised private equity funding.
  24. Swiss fintech firms Edge Laboratories and Evooq both raised funding from JP Morgan.
  25. Matrixport Technologies, an Asian crypto lender (similar to BlockFi) is targeting a $100 million fundraise at a $1.5 billion valuation in-spite of the current crypto meltdown.
  26. TipTap, a touchless payments company, is looking to raise a $2 million Series A via crowdfunding.

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